Selling and Buying (Commercial/Retail/Residential)

Selling or Buying a property in Gurgaon is more than just an online search. Whether you are looking for a 4 BHK apartment on Golf Course Extension Road or an office space, or you have put up a house for sale in Gurugram; our team will not only equip you with research-based advice, but it will also assist you in carrying out the transaction.

Sale and Purchase Services

With an expert team of experienced real estate agents, we ensure that the transaction is smooth and stress-free.

Our real-estate services include:

  • Market Research: Forecasting Scenarios, planning and conducting on-ground research and surveys, reducing risk and widening available opportunities.
  • Commercial / Retail Buying and Selling of properties: We help in reducing your risk exposure and find the best prices for buying/selling/leasing of properties.
  • Strategic pricing: Exhaustive research, transparency and planning strategic advantages that help to create a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller.
  • Tenant Sourcing: Finding the right tenants for your property is exhausting. We assist you in locating the ideal company/institution by doing extensive background checks and ensure that the transaction is safe and advantageous for you.
  • Managing Negotiations: By leveraging our vast experience and extensive network, we ensure that the deal provides you with a competitive advantage.
  • Legal Assistance: We provide you with legal guidance to help you avoid any complications and ensure that the process is transparent.

Residential Real-Estate Services

Buying or selling residential properties is often an emotional process. We handhold you in your buying or selling process by being there with you right from the start to the moment you step into your new home. From handling the paperwork to dealing with the brokers, we take care of it all.

Commercial and Retail Property

The commercial and retail services of A. Aggarwal & Co, a leading real-estate company in Gurgaon, includes in-depth real-estate advisory and tailor made solutions for institutions, MNCs, and retail agencies. We offer first-hand information on market conditions and help connect the investors with the property owners seamlessly.

Whether you’re a property owner, occupier, developer or investor, irrespective of your mandate size, we respond to your needs expertly with our team of experienced agents and our exceptional knowledge of the dynamic real estate industry in India.