Client Representation

Accredited Client Representation Services in Gurgaon and NCR

As one of the leading property consultants in the city, the team at A. Agarwal & Co has been offering trusted client representation services in the NCR for over two decades.

Whether you are an NRI property owner looking to rent out or lease your commercial space or service apartment in Gurgaon or a business searching for the perfect corporate space or service apartment in Gurugram- we help you gain an edge, with your real estate investment.

The Preferred Client Representation Consultants

With an extensive list of individual and business clientele, that includes both tenants and landlords, we offer a full range of customized residential and commercial leasing services in and around Gurgaon.

Integrity is the basis of all our transactions. We ensure to meet high business standards in all our dealings and work hard to make sure that there are no conflicts of interests.

We offer a customized fee structure that is tailored according to the specific requirements of our clients. Our thorough preparation and extensive groundwork assist us in helping our customers, meet with success.

Landlord Representation Services

Our expert team provides you with a clear picture of prevailing market trends and analyses the prices of similar properties in the market. Our systematic approach to analysis, communication with prospective tenants and marketing, help you land the best deal for your property. We help you:

  • Identify your advantages and help you in marketing your strategic advantages to generate maximum interest in your property
  • Minimize Occupancy Risks by conducting background checks and completing legal documentation
  • Lease Negotiations to increase your returns on your Investment
  • Decrease the Vacancy Gap by conducting regular market study backed with in-depth analysis of real estate trends

Tenant Representation Services

As a business, we know that signing up for a lease is one of the most crucial decisions; you’ll ever take. We don’t just negotiate on your behalf; we team up as your real estate advisor, and help you to design real estate strategies that suit your business. Our services include:

  • Guiding through the selection process to help you choose a space that suits your business goals and objectives
  • Providing you with an In-depth Analysis of prevailing market conditions to help you make the best choice
  • Identifying potential hurdles in relocating or renewing contracts to mitigate your risks
  • Regular Market Study to help you stay ahead by constantly striving to lower your real estate Costs.

Above all, we help you carry out your business with improved productivity.


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